Together We Can!

-Helen Keller-

Over the years there are many long standing issues that continue to be overlooked and neglected when it comes to District 10. These problems did not occur overnight, and it will take some time to achieve the change we want to see. I have listed some of the concerns that residents have expressed to me.

Help make a difference in your community during this municipal election and join me in the "Together We Can!" initiative. Here are just a few reasons why you should get registered and vote;

So many images come to mind when I think our area ~ Titus park filled with families sharing a picnic, the Centennial Arena where all ages come together for a friendly scrimmage or a competitive game, Mount Saint Vincent University teaming with young minds eager to learn, and the stunning sunsets over the harbor. We live in a beautiful area...

Originally from a small fishing village in Cape Breton, I moved to Halifax to attend Mount Saint Vincent University. Being raised in a small community taught me from a very young age that I had a responsibility to "chip in" to help my neighbor, and to give back in whatever way I can. This lesson has followed me throughout my...

It seems the only thing constant these days is change, and like many of you, I am struggling to adjust to the new normal.

Authorized by  Debbie MacKinnon
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